If you think buying tires online will save you money, you might be right…However ALWAYS compare BOTH! Take a close look at the details before you click the buy button. In the long run, buying your tires from a local business may save you even more money – and potentially a lot of headaches. Wrong tires shipped, sizes etc. Learn More
The feature is standard on all 2008 and newer models, thanks to the TREAD Act, which Congress enacted in 2000 after rollover incidents involving the Ford Explorer and Firestone tires. People are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs included with their vehicle. And there are several ways to accomplish this. Regular maintenance, safe reasonable driving, and choosing a vehicle design for your needs. Learn More
When it comes to tires, age is as important as mileage. The degradation of a tire occurs over time, mostly the result of a chemical reaction within the rubber components. That aging process can be accelerated by heat and sunlight. Environmental conditions like exposure to sunlight and coastal climates, as well as poor storage and infrequent use can hasten the aging process. Learn more